Numbers in the Bible–More Than Numerology

The Story Line of the Book, “Daniel's Secret”

A modern day Daniel Veritas is an inspired Bible researcher who has a night vision of evenings and mornings, just like Daniel in the Bible did. In his modern day night dream, Daniel sees the evenings and mornings in the Genesis 1 Creation as an introduction of the God of Time.

Daniel's revelation of the Genesis 1 Creation is threefold;
* the birth of reason
* the origin and meaning of the numbers in the Bible
* the Creation's path of salvation through Jesus Christ.

After this revelation Daniel Veritas uses the Creation's logic and the numbers in the Bible to battle a Christian fundamentalist for control of the 4-way cross.

Daniel's 2300 Evenings and Mornings–Prophetic Vision Fulfilled

"Daniel's Secret" exposes the shocking secret of the Bible's Creation where the numbers in the Bible originate. Why this is shocking, is that the Abrahamic religions of men have missed the numbers in the Creation that underlie the main point of the Creation–the foundation of salvation from the Face of God.

To get an idea of how the numbers in the Bible consistently repeat themselves to underlie a 777 salvation theme, check out the numbers in the bible Facts. Somehow humans, who are wired to think like humans, have overlooked this divine theme for thousands of years.

See sample page Pg 42 ln "Daniel's Secret" showing how the numbers in the Book of Daniel support a 777 salvation theme.

After a doubting Thomas agrees with Daniel Veritas that salvation in its simplest form is a 1, 2, 3 process—man-Jesus-God, Daniel uses the numbers in the Bible like a sledge hammer to reveal the perfect salvation in the image and likeness of God.

The birth of reason from the Creation exposes the real meaning of the numbers in the Bible, and brings a doubting Thomas to the brink of reality and decision. The answer is not what you think.

Daniel's Secret by JW Farquhar, Published by Mark 7 Publishing, July 2011 Buy Book


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