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Who has not read the first page of the Bible and thought, “This does not make sense to me”. If the earth was empty and void on the first day, how could an evening and a morning exist, especially if the sun is not yet in the sky, since it is placed in the sky later on the fourth day of the Creation? What is going on here? Creationists will tell you that the earth is 6000 years old, and it was created by God in six days. Fossils and dinosaur bones tell us something is wrong with this picture.

If you do not understand what you believe, you may not really believe what you think you believe. A key for understanding is missing - like a window into the mind of God. The answer to this enigma lies in the purpose of the Bible as a manual for the spirit of man. It is not a scientific manual for understanding the world. The lack of a physical man to till the earth written in Genesis 2:5 establishes the sixth-day creation of man as a spiritual creation of man.

Consider then, for the spirit of man, God introduced Himself in the spiritual sense for the body-soul-spirit of man in terms of time as eternal evening-morning-day, so man was created in this image. There was evening for the body of man to lead to darkness, there was morning for the soul of man to lead to Light, and there was day for the spirit of man to lead to the eternal Day. Since it was spiritual Light that God separated from darkness and God called it good, it is the Holy Spirit of Light. Something is right with this picture. (That something is eternal salvation in the name of God with the eternal image of God)

In the very beginning of the Bible is a seven-paned introductory evening-morning-day window (The Genesis I Window), which lays down the numerical basis of the Written Word of God. Through the lens of this “window” we are privileged to finally see long-hidden mysteries as the ancient text of the Torah springs to life.

Immediately, we can perceive that the six-day count signifies the number 666 for evening-morning-day. From this realization we finally recognize the long-sought answer for the challenge in the Book of Revelation to count the number of the beast . Furthermore, the implied count of 777 for evening-morning-day on the seventh day of the creation guides us conclusively to the consummation of Daniel's prophetic vision of evenings and mornings scheduled for the last days.

This introductory 666 to 777 window from Genesis I has been hidden for thousands of years (from the time of Moses to the present). It is only now, in this 21st century, that it has by the mercy of God been revealed for His purpose. In addition now is the time for the revelation of “divine equivocation”, a tool necessary to unravel the connection between God's Word and His numbers. Looking through the lens of the Genesis I Window with this tool, a phenomenal new walk through the Bible is presented. Here is where divine secrets are revealed one by one, precept by precept - chapter by chapter of "The Genesis 1 Window."

Chapter One
THE BEAST AND HIS MARK begins that walk by examining the text of Genesis I as the definitive answer to the challenge in the Book of Revelation to calculate the number of the beast marked 666. This chapter documents the research, leading directly to the discovery of four biblical calculations of 666. Even chemistry through separate 666 calculations reconciles this method of biblical inquiry to science. This startling discovery, however, does not end, but begins a new the walk through the Bible seen through the Genesis I Window.

Chapter Two
EXEGESIS OF GENESIS I examines the Genesis I creation story. It offers a new vision that reveals God's pattern on the mountain. Totally compliant with the fundamental literal Word of God, this logical introduction to the creation's window reveals Evening, Morning, Light, and Day as four spiritual entities, and fully counters the six-day creation of the world theory so dearly loved by the Creationists. Stepping through the creation this chapter uses divine equivocation to reconcile God's written allegorical creation in the spiritual sense to God's three realms of heaven, earth, and time.

Chapter Three
THE REASON CREATURE AS AN RC666 investigates the psychological image of man as seen through the Genesis I Window with the RC666 Bible Code. Amazingly a list of six dark natures from the last six of God's Ten Commandments fit a first count of six from the 666 pattern. Six questions of reason - WHO, WHY, HOW, WHAT, WHEN, and WHERE fit the second count of six. Six enlightened natures transformed from the first set of dark natures fit a third count of six to complete the 666 pattern. A seventh question of WHICH path is answered by the seventh I-AM from Jesus. The seven I-AMs replace the seven questions of reason to construct a divine bridge between man and God. These six dark natures are found in the Old and New Testaments and reveal themselves in the Biblical characters of Abel, Joseph's brothers, and the Jewish Pharisees. These Biblical stories plus the I-AM Bridge reconcile the 666 pattern of man's natures to the Beginning Creation in Genesis I.

Chapter Four
JOB'S GREAT DISCOVERY reveals a treasure that the Gentile Job discovered—the Old Testament foundation for the Gospel of Grace that Paul taught to the Gentiles . Before his discovery, however, Job spoke out against his own six-pack of inherited dark natures. With mathematical precision Job twice listed them in perfect order. Struggling to find his identity in God's eyes during a ping-pong dialog with four counselors, he discovers the redeemer from his own self-righteousness. The ordered list of six dark human natures from Job's mouth confirms a six-way connection to the creation and the Creator as seen through the RC666 Bible Code.

Chapter Five
THE GENESIS I WINDOW introduces the Genesis I numeric pattern as a window into the foundation of God's written Word. The entire Bible witnesses this interpretation. This window links the 40 day and night flood, both of God's covenants with Abram and Abraham, and the prophecies of Joseph, to the ministry and future reign of Jesus as the Son of Man and the Son of God. It shows how these events, and even the denial of Jesus by Peter, are perfectly patterned after the foundation seen through the Genesis I Window.

Chapter Six
SACRED OCCASIONS illustrates how the Jewish holy days follow the pattern of the Genesis I window. Four themes reveal with divine equivocation how seven sacred occasions build the Jewish Bridge of Works, how Jewish ritualistic tasks imply transformation of six dark natures of man, how the Jewish holy days honor the bridegroom of blood, and how God's timetable is inexorably tied to the Jewish holy days. With stunning mathematical precision the Genesis I Window shows the connection of the three annual Jewish feasts to both genealogies of the Messiah Jesus. All of this is patterned after the Genesis I Window.
Sample page 154: Seven Sacred Occaisions

Chapter Seven
THE LOGICAL REASON BRIDGE presents two earth-to-heaven bridges seen through the Genesis I Window that illustrate man's path to God. This chapter combines logic with faith as a basis for interpreting the entire Bible. To this end, cause and effect reasoning is applied to the psychological 666 matrix of man to produce a six-way behavior pattern, and a three-way spiritual growth process. In this way the reality of God's written Word is delivered to the Reason Creature (mankind) in a strange logical language, that is reason, as well as faith. A dissertation in the field of mathematics combines divine equivocation to reveal the reality of God's numbers. But it is the cause-and-effect history of regularity of the Genesis I Window with the RC666 Bible Code consistently interpreting scripture throughout the entire Bible that proves and validates itself to God's Word.

Chapter Eight
THE SON AND HIS MARK is all about how Jesus is identified as both the Son of Man and the Son of God. Jesus is introduced by matching His ministry and reign with the life events of the fourth Patriarch, Joseph. Combining divine equivocation with the Genesis I Window, He is further introduced by the 777 legacy of Israel (Jacob), which perfectly matches the 77 and 777 equivocation of both His genealogies, which perfectly matches the 777 equivocation of the three annual Jewish pilgrimage holy days. A dissertation on the seven sign miracles from Jesus, and an author-invented mock trial of unbelievers are pictured through the 777 based Genesis I Window.
Sample page 232: Jesus Genealogy as the Son of Man , Pg 240: Jesus Genealogy as the Son of God

Chapter Nine
THE WORD THROUGH A WINDOW explains the words from Jesus as seen through the Genesis I Window. With incredible precision the ordered words of Jesus come to life with new meaning, when it is seen how He follows the numerical basis of the Torah. Seen through the “window” from the beginning creation are some of His parables; 18 are killed by the tower leading to the fourth year death of the fig tree, six pots of water are transformed into wine, and both feedings of the masses are numerically connected to the beginning Genesis I Window. The reality of leaven is revealed in bread and wine as the agent for change that must die for good purpose. New insight reveals the 25 tenant Divine Doctrine of the Gospel of the Kingdom of God set forth twice with the God's number 50 for forgiveness, which eclipses false dogmas of men, who design religions. A count of 40 perfect statements of fulfillment of Moses' Law by Jesus are revealed in the four gospels. Then four fulfillments of 40 in the Genesis I Window show how Jesus fulfills forty perfectly. This chapter ends with an explanation of how the body-soul-spirit of man finds life after death with the bright morning star.

Chapter Ten
ANCIENT SYMBOLISMS takes ancient symbolism to a 21st century level of understanding. The pentagram with six areas is shown as the RC666 Beast having an “honor-self” center area surrounded by five adverse natures. The hexagram or Star of David is shown evolving from the Creation. The hexagram is then shown as a flowering almond blossom with six petals for six transformed enlightened natures of man. A seventh central area holds Yeshua surrounded by these six new psychological natures. This Jewish star and the Jewish lampstand (Menorah) symbolize the pattern on the mountain, where both are shown based on the Ten Commandments. Finally the four-way cross depicts God, and shows why there are four gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.
Sample pages 324-327: The Cross

Chapter Eleven
DISPENSATIONS brings light to the separate purpose of two gospels dispensed by the Son of Man and the Son of God respectively. These two identities are further clarified in the writings of the Apostle Paul by his use of Jesus Christ and Christ Jesus. The entire Book of Romans is then shown perfectly ordered into the Creation's window by the Genesis I Window to build a righteousness bridge to God. This chapter closes the walk through the Bible to present a prophetic review of past, present, and future dispensations from God. This view is reconciled with astonishing precision using divine equivocation and the ages of the patriarchs. Here the Genesis I Window provides the lens to see God's plan through the ages of time.

Chapter Twelve
ENLIGHTENMENT rediscovers Christianity by un-mixing it's two gospels of fulfillment-works and grace. A window of enlightenment introduces the true Most High Holy Spirit of Light. The problem of mixed gospels is identified, which was cursed by the Apostle Paul, with a real world example in modern times. A new solution is proposed opening the way for the Jews to be priests to the world as prophesied.

Isaac Newton was a truth seeker, who discovered many of the laws that underlie the forces of nature in the world, but he actually spent more time chasing a hidden Bible Code. Isaac never found that code because it was not his destiny. This book delivers a previously hidden Genesis I Window with the RC666 Bible Code that reconciles the written word of God and His numbers to validate the truth of the Bible. In doing so it reveals that all men are marked with the number 666 in the beginning creation. This shows how all men are born into sin, just as the Apostle Paul wrote. Finally it proves beyond any reasonable doubt that Jesus is really who He said He was.

It is anticipated that existing religious dogma from the teachings of men will block the truth in this book, because man-made religions have indoctrinated men to believe traditional doctrine from childhood. Therefore it is considered that new knowledge in this book could be divisive to the Church. But there are already too many divisive denominations, which violate God's original be-of-one-mind plan for the Church. It is my hope and prayer that many truth seeking readers will open their minds to receive this good news to influence cohesiveness instead of more division. It is also my hope and prayer that Israel may finally see the numbered signs that God provided, so that they may fulfill their prophetic destiny.

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