Apologetics and The Birth of Reason

Missing From Current Day Apologetics:

Missing from the Christian Apologists toolbox is the clear strategy of dealing with a perceived lack of compatibility between science and the Bible. Another missing item from the apologetic's toobox is the power of God's reasonable numbers in the Bible, the meaning of which has never been understood, and mostly just ignored. Third, the traditional view of the Bible's Creation is an unreasonable solar day paradigm that has been useless for Christian apologetics.

What the Book, "Daniel's Secret", Reveals:

“Daniel's Secret” raises Christian apologetics to a new level by reaching back to the beginning Creation for a new understanding of the Bible's foundation. Here is an interpretation of the Bible by the numbers in the Bible (not a man) that announces the birth of reason, exposes the scientific numbers of biblical heaven and earth, and reveals the Creation's salvation path through Jesus Christ.

“Apologetics” comes from the Greek word apologia, which means to give a defensive reason for a system or idea. But where does reason come from? Since there are only seven questions of reason that one could ask about anything, forget solar days and see why there are seven days in the Creation. See how seven I AM's from Jesus spell out seven sequenced steps of reason that repeat and repeat and repeat in the Bible.

The twenty-first century brings new evidence that synchronizes the numbers of science with the numbers in the Bible and the Gospel alike—an apologetic hammer on agnostics, atheists, and other skeptics (See Numbers in the Bible Facts). “Daniel's Secret” shows how even the scientific numbers of new natural human life (conception, heart beat, and fulfillment) are the same as the numbers of new spiritual life from the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Numbers in the Bible don't lie—they can't.

In “Daniel's Secret” six basic psychological natures of man, like six Creation days, are extracted from the last six of God's Ten Commandments that scream for the necessity of the perfect salvation in Jesus Christ. The Apostle Paul wrote that all are born into sin. Find out how. Read the book and join Daniel Veritas in surmounting Revelation's challenge to calculate the number of mankind (anthropos) so that man can finally understand exactly what he must overcome.

At its very least here is an apologetic dialog where an evangelically crippled Daniel Veritas intellectually debates a close-minded Thomas touching on some very controversial subjects—who is the God of the Bible, where is God in His Creation, and how man returns to God in the same image and likeness man was created into.

At its very best is a partnership between reason and faith when Daniel Veritas explains how the perfect salvation path, man-Jesus-God, fits evening-morning-day. Find out how the Trinity springs from this path that Jesus explained as the flesh-water-spirit, or the way-truth-life, or the Apostle Paul explained as body-soul-spirit.

Note: Even if you are a passionate Christian fundamentalist, a preacher dedicated to a certain denomination, an academic Bible researcher, or even a seasoned apologist, you will learn how science and the numbers in the Bible defend Christianity—apologetics on steroids beyond religion for the glory of God.

Daniel's Secret by JW Farquhar, Published by Mark 7 Publishing, July 2011 Buy Book

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