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We are a non-traditional group of Christ oriented Bible truth seekers who share vision of God's pure and simple plan for humankind as revealed through His foundational Creation in Genesis.

Daniel's Secret vision of 2300 evenings and mornings (Dan 8:14, 26) lay dormant for thousands of years. But now Daniel's ancient vision is confirmed with science. Through revelation of Daniel's Vision, 2300 is revealed to be 77 months of evenings and mornings. When evenings and mornings are counted in the Creation, the number 77 is generated on the seventh day—the signature number of Jesus, who is the Face of God.

Like the Old Testament the New Testament also begins with 77. In Matthew's genealogy (Mat 1:1-17) there are three sets of natural descending 77 generations for the Son of Man (Jesus Christ). Luke's genealogy has the fourth set of 77 patriarchs ascending to God for the Son of God (Christ Jesus). These four sets of 77 define the Cross of Jesus (shown above).

Jesus' cross is like God of the Cross introduced (EVEning, Morning, Light (Holy Spirit of) and Day (Eternal Father) in the beginning six sentences of the Creation, where each attribute is counted 7 on the seventh day of Creation for God of the Cross (shown above).

So now we know the reason for Daniel's Secret vision of 77 evenings and mornings destined for the End Times—identification of Jesus' 77 generations in the Creation, and his genealogies and identification of the true God of Creation—God of the Cross.

Through revelation of Genesis 1:1-2:5 the eternal image of God is visible in terms of time as Evening, Morning, and Day repeated six times to lay down God's foundational likeness of six steps of reason for six natures of man, and the path to salvation through His cross.

Through revelation of Genesis 1-2.5 the numerical foundation of the Bible not only structures the foundational numbers of science, but also all scripture thousands of times to harmonize the Old Testament, the New Testament, and science to the Creation. In this way divine numbers bind the three realms of material, spiritual, and time together with evening, morning, and day. Because this perfect relationship existed thousands of years ago when the Bible was originally written, it validates beyond all levels of doubt to the atheist, the agnostic, and all man-made religions the existence of a supernatural intelligent God who introduced Himself complete in the sixth sentence of the Bible—EVEning, Morning, Day-Light and Daytime

Through revelation the mystery of God's tree-of-life appears as His cross to show us how faith and reason finally become partners.

Before this, faith was an emotional response to a mystery having nothing to do with reason.

If we believe the world is round and you believe the world is flat, you are right, because all you need to be right is faith.

If we believe 3 + 1 is 4 and you believe 3 + 1 is 3, you are right, because all you need to be right is faith.

If we believe that God is a family of Evening, Morning, Light, and Day, and you believe that God is a mono-sexed Trinity, you are right, because all you need to be right is faith.

Warning: If you do not understand what Jesus taught, you may not really believe what you think you believe. If you do not know the name of your God who introduced Himself in the beginning, how do you expect to be known by Him? Furthermore, your salvation is at stake if you do not understand how you were marked in the beginning and how to transform that mark, regardless of what you have been indoctrinated with, and how long you have been trained to believe it.

Conclusion is based upon correct evidence and reasoning. Here we approach Christianity in the Bible as a matter of conclusion—the Bible is both the words and numbers of God. We do not believe the Bible is just the words of God. We conclude based on overwhelming evidence and sound reasoning that the Word of God is realized only after understanding both His words and numbers together as seen through the Genesis I Window and taught by Jesus Christ.

Here we interpret God-breathed scripture based on God's Creation and God-breathed numbers in the Bible, rather than blindly relying on traditional man-made dogma, since we conclude that only God through His Creation with His Numbers reveals true understanding. Man has no authority, or qualification, to interpret God's profound message. Only through Creation Based Bible Interpretation (CBBI) is biblical truth revealed. In this way the Bible interprets itself with the authority of God's Creation and His divine numbers.

The Trinity was man's great attempt to tell the truth about God, but now it is God's turn. We conclude that those who think the Trinity is completely God are misguided, since the word Trinity is not biblical—not written once in any Bible—not anywhere—ever.

God by His mercy has now revealed the Face of God (evenings and mornings) introduced and counted 77 in the Creation so that we may understand in these end times how to transform through morning—The Bright Morning Star, who is Jesus for eternal life in that DAY of God.

JW Farquhar - Author of The Genesis I Window, The Creation of Man, Daniel's Secret, The Lausanne Covenant Hypocrisy, and Doctrine of the Cross.

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