New Book Daniel's Secret Uses Biblical Numbers to Reveal Shocking End Times Truths

FORT MILL, S.C., Jan. 31, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- In a dialogue between a doubting Thomas and an inspired Daniel Veritas, Daniel interprets the Bible through the scripture of Genesis I using three authorities of interpretation: the image of God, the likeness of God, and the numbers of God. In this way biblical authority is maintained, because foundational scripture interprets the Bible instead of human speculation.

Never before has such a complete solution to the mysteries of the Bible been placed on the doorstep of humanity with a Genesis I foundational theology that is validated again and again by all the God-breathed numbers in the Bible.

When the Bible is interpreted with biblical authority we see a divine plan where:
1.        a foundational theology perfectly reconciles all scripture to itself,
2.        faith and reason become partners,
3.        science and scripture perfectly support each other,
4.        evolution becomes a non-issue,
5.        Old and New Testaments have an astonishing new harmony,
6.        an amazing numbered pathway for salvation is exposed,
7.        the restoration of the original one-mind church becomes reality.

Daniel's Secret draws its title from the Book of Daniel's sealed prophetic vision of 2300 evenings and mornings that science tells us is exactly 77 moon-months counted exactly 7 evenings and 7 mornings on the Creation's seventh day. Bible numbers expert and author, JW Farquhar, validates this interpretation mathematically with the 77 77 77 natural descending genealogy of the Son of Man in the Gospel of Matthew, the 77 ascending genealogy of the Son of God in the Gospel of Luke that leads back up to God, and then again and again with many more 77 biblical references to Jesus.

Because Daniel's Vision is destined for the End Times, Daniel's Secret God of Creation has remained hidden from humans for millennia, despite being completely introduced in the Bible's first six sentences, despite another six-fold introduction in the Creation's six days, and despite being numbered 777 on the Creation's seventh day that repeats and repeats in the Bible forever.

The signs for Israel's Messiah are now here on earth, because numbers cannot lie.

Sometimes a picture is worth 10,000 words.



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