Daniel's Secret -- Review

Review by Scott gru-Bell, MA., Author, Christian Chess

Daniel’s Secret is a wonderful dialog between a pious and sincere Christian and an unusual Biblical scholar.  It beautifully challenges today’s orthodoxy.  In a fast paced, yet profound, manner the book explains a path to God that does not conform to the traditional belief system, by going back to the Bible’s beginning for a more complete understanding of theological truths.

The greatness of this text is the completely successful distillation of the author’s magnum opus, The Genesis I Window, a scholarly dissertation explaining in great detail the many aspects of the Bible, completely misunderstood by theologians up to the present day.

The key to this text is the proper use of Biblical numbers.  Up until now, the numbers of the Bible have been the unfortunate and destructive domain of every crackpot numerologist, each with his own weird misinterpretation of these most important Biblical statements.

Instead, JW Farquhar has successfully and succinctly demonstrated that the numbers of the Bible are as important as the Biblical words.  Has the reader ever considered that the numbers 37, 38, 39, 41, 43 have never been written in the Bible?  Yet, numbers 40, 77, and 777 are prevalent all over the Biblical books.  Did the Israelites stay exactly 400 years in Egypt, and not 390 or 406?  Did the Patriarch Lamech actually live 777 years, instead of 699 or 782?  The author of this tome clearly demonstrates extremely fine correspondences between the 77 count for evening and morning in the Creation and the 77 signature of Jesus’ genealogy, as well as so many others.  The numbers of the Bible are as important as the words.

The distinction between wanting to go to Heaven, as opposed to wanting to do the Will of God, is most striking.  In fact, it is the whole difference between what I call a Christianist and a Christian.

The originality, succinctness, and entertaining style of this book is remarkable, making it a joy to read by any serious Christian.

Scott gru-Bell, MA
Author, Christian Chess

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